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Computerized Accounting Diploma

Seats: 25
Course: 2 Months
Admission: N/A

This practical training course will help students (who are in search of job), managers, accountants, small & medium business owners to implement proper computerized accounting system. The contents of this course will be:
1-Inventory Control             
2- Financial Accounting       
3- Receivables and Sales
4- Payable and Purchases    
5- Production Management

Using the accounting software, the students will be able to maintain the accounts of a corporation. The students will be able to:
1. Create chart of accounts
2. Record all business transactions relating to revenue, expense, assets, liabilities, equity in accounting software
3. Enter the data through bank receipt, bank payment, cash receipt, cash payment, journal voucher and other business transactions
4. Keep the accounts of vendors, employees and customers
5. Maintain inventory control system
6. Enter sales transactions and maintain sales control system
7. Record purchase transactions and maintain purchase control system
8. Maintain payroll transactions and maintain payroll control system
9. Generate the inventory, sales, customer, purchase and vendor reports.

Required Qualification for Computerized Accounting Diploma is Matric. 

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