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Seats: 25
Course: 2 Months
Admission: Opened
Beautician training course is for trainees that want to work in the beauty sector with the aim to learn, develop and practice required by the market.  In this course, the emphasis is put on the trainee to acquire the ability to perform as a confident and competent Beautician.   
The training objectives of this course are to: 
1. Develop professional attitude and knowledge of hair & skin care, manicure, pedicure, beauty treatments comprising of casual makeup, party makeup, bridal makeup, making of eye brows, eye lashes, facial & skin treatments, hina applications, massage & hair styling techniques and methods. 
2. Produce a capable & skilful workforce as required by the prevailing market demands. 
3. Equip the trainees with skills and knowledge to ensure adherence to safety measures in parlours and emphasize on fitness & diet for a healthy look.
For Admission Call our Girls Branch at Jail Road Sargodha.
Mob: 0344-3724999. 0483724999
We will contact you after filling this form: 

Eligibility Requirements: 
Candidate can read, write and understand English language and there is no restriction on age and educational qualifications.

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