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Chairman's Message

Nations that resist against positive change loose their chance towards prosperity. To be useful and equal partners in the new world order of the twenty-first century, it is important that Pakistanis acquire professional and management skills at par with international standards. No nation can afford to isolate itself from the explosion of technological development taking place in other societies and economies. We are looking forward and we have a lot of plans for our student body. Although we need lot of resources but our drive to achieve and excel and with the help from the Almighty Allah, we are sure that we will achieve our goals. I am hopeful that LOGIX will always be a privileged place of learning and source of inspiration for our coming generations. It is my dream. For this we are working very hard. By the grace of Allah Almighty, it will come true. Faculty is the most important part of any institution.

Faculty at LOGIX consists of an optimal mix of education, experience, exposure, research, fieldwork and practical orientation. They have always shown a great sense of dedication and commitment. I want to appreciate and acknowledge my faculty and staff members who have a great contribution for developing LOGIX. I feel proud when I see my students whose minds are full of knowledge, hearts with full of excitement and eyes shining with hope and expectation. We at LOGIX College, will indeed leaves no stone unturned to help you rapidly achieve the professional and career goals. Let the sky be the limit for you in your personal growth and development.

Happy Learning and Wish You Good luck!

Faisal Razzaq Khawaja