Societies & Clubs

To recognize and provide opportunities for talented students of LOGIX College by conducting extra- curricular activities on National/International levels. Hence, clubs would only be dealing with the student's extra curricular activities and their personality development to make them self groomed individuals when they enter the corporate world. There will be seven clubs covering 7 different areas of activities. The activities related to each club are placed in the Academic Calendar and will be worked out during the semester. Each club will be having a complete team working for their related activities during the semester.'     


Functionality of Clubs

Media Club
☻        Newsletter
☻        Magazine
☻        Radio Stations
☻        Press Releases
Dramatics and Debates Club
☻        Interuniversity Debates competitions
☻        Inter Regional Debates
☻        Interuniversity/Regional Dramatics Competition
Literary and Arts Club
☻        Musical Evenings
☻        Painting
☻        Poetry Competitions
☻        Home Science Activities (Cooking, Sewing, Fashion Shows)
Events Club
☻        Seminars
☻        Spring Festival
☻        Pakistan Day
☻        Concert
☻        Welcome Parties
Sports Club
☻        Student Excursion Trips
☻        Interuniversity Sports Competition
☻        Interregional Sports Competition
IT Club
☻        Software Competitions
☻        Quiz Competition
☻        IT Club Exhibitions
☻        Workshop
☻        Job Fairs
Rotaract Club (A part of Rotary International)
☻        Blood Bank Data
☻        Volunteer work for poor community 

To Join any of the club mail at

Students Achievements
Students doing better jobs
Students with best position in studies
Students with best curricular activities

Facilities for Students at Campus
☻        British Council Resource Centre
☻        Online Job Bank Portal
☻        State of the art classrooms
☻        Especially designed Class/Lab for Spoken English & IELTS
☻        Facility of Wireless Headphones and very special equipment for listening and spoken classes.
☻        Facility of TV with Satellite connectivity in every classroom.
☻        Latest computers in Computer Labs
☻        DSL and wireless Internet Connectivity
☻        UPS/Generator Facility
☻        Library/Digital Library
☻        Information & Counseling Office
☻        Cafeteria
☻        Separate Common Room for Females
☻        Mosque
☻        Beautiful Lawn