Mission, Vision & Goals


"LOGIX College, through the pursuit of excellence in an ethical environment, is committed to provide to a diverse student population the intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the challenges of the future".


To develop LOGIX as a world-class educational institution of academic excellence.

Educational Goals

The purpose of educational programmes at LOGIX should be

"        to develop in each student mastery of fundamentals , versatility of mind , motivation for learning, intellectual discipline and self-reliance which provide the best foundation for continuing professional achievement;

"        to provide a liberal; as well as a professional education so that each student acquires a respect for moral values , a sense of their duties as a citizen , a feeling for taste and style , and a better human understanding. All these are required for leadership;

"        to send forth men and women of the highest professional competence with a breath of learning  and a character to deal constructively with issues, and problems anticipated in the next decade relevant to the programmes of development of our country.

Specific goals

Within the overall goals outlined some specific goals should be spelt out. It is that the LOGIX must continue to engage in manpower development but our students must be different and special. The LOGIX student must be an agent of change of Technology practice in the country, and initiate a new working culture in our industry, with a view to increase productivity and bring to industry the capacity to innovate. Some LOGIX graduates should, therefore, become entrepreneurs themselves. They are thus to be so trained by the LOGIX as to build into their value system, a sense of responsibility to their country and a desire to serve for the society. Their perception should preclude Hi-Tech. as an important tool to solve ground level problems.

LOGIX must continue to interact more closely with other technology institutions and be the leading centres of Technical Teacher training. Faculty in the LOGIX should become visible agents of change, as natural partners for upgrading standards of Technical Education, research in general, and specifically development of newer programmes in the technical institutions in the region  where they are located.

As the information Age is ushering in, thanks to the technological advancements, the society will look