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  • U.K


There are numerous websites which can help you find out more about what and where to study in the UK. It can be difficult to know where to start. We provide links to some which can help with initiating the process.
Usefull web links for UK Education:

British High Commission in Pakistan

IELTS Information


Do you need help deciding which is the right course for you? Is the UK university application process confusing? Need some help? Our Professional Advisory Service for Students (PASS) could be just what you need.

If you need to get ahead and get the edge with your IELTS then come to us and take advantage of our new customized IELTS training.

  •       Copies of the latest IELTS Preparation workbook & Handbook, published by Cambridge
  •        Practice text books
  •        IELTS Registration Forms
  •        A list of IELTS Centres  and availability of dates in Pakistan
  •        Guidance for Test Registration
  •        audio CDs, DVDs, tapes
  •        comfortable study areas
  •        equipments e.g. computers, DVD and CD players, TV, photocopiers
  •        other resources which may be useful e.g. information about UK, magazines, education UK related materials

Who can use the IELTS Resource Centre?

To be eligible to use the LIPC users must be one of the following:

  •        Currently registered for LOGIX IELTS Course
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