The F.Sc. Pre-Medical Program provides a general exposure to the basis of scientific Inquiry in the field of animated sciences. The degree is an entry point to the avenue of a host of, consanguineous fields of vivification sciences, ranging from venerable and time honoured fields of Medicine, Physiotherapy Surgery, Pharmacy, Agriculture, to the new and buoyant horizons of Microbiology Molecular Genetics, Cloning, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Environmental, Biology, DVM, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Bacteriology, Embryology and Petrifaction. The basic scientific skills of the students are polished in a conducive and congenial atmosphere, under the guidance of fully qualified, ardent and devoted faculty, through detailed lectures, question – answer sessions and practical’s in well-equipped labs.

Digital Learning

Added Features

  • ☻    Regular career counselling is imparted in order to expose them to the various career options.
  • ☻    Coaching for other competitive exams like CA and ACCA foundation, etc. is also imparted.
  • ☻    Coaching Classes for Information Technology, Languages and personality grooming are offered in extra time.
  • ☻    Mock tests and assignments are held frequently. Students learn the importance of time management, which
             plays a crucial role in cracking competitive exams.