Digital Learning and Testing System

We use variety of digital tools to enhance the learning at LOGIX College. Students and teachers are active users of technology in ways that engages learners and adds value to the curriculum. Our infrastructure supports this through – Large Computer Labs and access to computers plus class based PC's, Ultra-Fast Broadband, college Wi-Fi, easy access to computers plus class based PC's.


We manage one to one tablet or laptop classes especially for intermediate students. Tablets or Laptops are provided by parents and are the personal property of the students whether they are at college or at home. It provides convenience of learning and practicing anywhere. Here we recommend tablets as it is easy to transport. We provide internet facility but with the restriction to work only for our allowed websites. The idea behind this is to enable students to be able to access information and create content as a 21st Century learner. We also conduct class tests via our online testing system on regular basis which is not possible under the conventional teaching system. While monthly and annual tests are conducted under the conventional system.

First Ever Online learning and testing system for students

Empower Students: to Study & Test, 24 Hours x 365 Days
Empower Parents: to Monitor Their Own Kids on Daily Basis

Empower Teachers: to Teach & Evaluate with Ease & Efficiency
Empower College: to Ensure & Evaluate Quality of Instructions

4 Steps 2 Success: Teaching Methodology

Learning Module: Learning is a process to acquire, enhance, or make changes in one's knowledge. Learning Module presents essential and masks non-essential pieces of knowledge. It also provides the Urdu meanings of difficult words and links to important examples.

Training Module: The training module is paced by the computer, thus stretching out the student to the speed of the machine. Computer works interactively, maintains individual profile and performance records. Computer controlled reading is followed by important questions for reader's response to gauge and improve the quality of understanding.

Practicing Module: Practicing is "The process to refine & shine talent". The practicing module serves the student with variety of questions, giving him a chance to make choices, give result with hints and a detailed review. It provides the facility to repeat the same practice every time a fresh as many times as one requires. This is a process that prepares a student for any situation, likely to come up in an examination.

Testing Module: Testing is "The process to measure the talent". The testing module exposes the student to variety of questions in millions of forms and shapes to break the monotony. The student is presented individual specific fresh formed questions, has to read afresh every time, and respond carefully. This is the ultimate training facility for LOGIX students.

Performance Monitoring Methodology: Our online system guides student and assures parents with TWO modules, Attendance (Time Usage Analysis) and Performance (Analysis and Monitoring at Overall, Subject, Book & Chapter Levels).


The choice of college is yours and we hope that what we have shared with you will help in your decision making.